Fletcher Pilates Conference

Workshops and Lectures

Anatomy and Physiology of Breath
This workshop provides an in-depth exploration of the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system, especially as it applies to the Pilates method. Adriano will also review the latest scientific research on the benefits of several breathing techniques, with an emphasis on the Fletcher Percussive Breath™ and its applications for full-body health, functional movement and vibrant living.

Within the Core
Have you ever thought about how your heart moves when you take a Pilates class? What about how performing The Hundred affects your digestive system? This workshop is designed to give you a general perspective of how a Pilates session affects your internal organs. By reviewing the human anatomy and physiology of our visceral organ systems, along with self-exploratory exercises based on the Fletcher Pilates repertoire, Within the Core will guide you through this curious and peculiar inner world. This experience will surely leave you full of “other spaces and places” to move from, for a healthier and more knowledgeable life, while at the same time giving you insights to teach a more embodied Plates class.

The F Word(s): Fascia and Fletcher Pilates
Presenter: Anne Lloyd Willett, PMA®-CPT

In this workshop, you will learn about fascia, how it relates to health and total body movement - and how the Fletcher approach to the Pilates method is the perfect complement to fascia health. In addition to a general overview of the fascial, we will explore the application of Fletcher Pilates to special populations. Together, we will move through Fletcher Pilates towel and floor pieces to discover our own fascia lines and connections.

The Pain/Brain Connection
Presenter: Catherine Anderson, PMA®-CPT
Over the last 10 years, there has been a significant increase in clients with chronic pain issues. They have sought out pilates as a way to help improve their quality of life, but their symptoms can often confuse and frustrate pilates teachers. Ron’s work and his approach to movement can offer these clients a progressive and fulfilling opportunity to experience “joy and gratitude” with movement despite their difficult diagnosis and issues. By understanding some of the neuroscience of pain as well as current pain theories and research, we will identify key concepts in understanding how to approach this population.

The Moving Barre
Presenter: Deborah Mendoza, PMA®-CPT
Back by popular demand, this workshop will deepen your understanding of the Fletcher Barrework™, and how to teach it with creative variations for a full movement experience. Learn how to utilize simple yet effective barre exercises to strengthen standing posture and transition students away from the barre. Explore the use of traveling movements to challenge awareness of balance in gait in a dynamic way and encourage the progression to locomotive movements. Learn how to take Fletcher Barrework to the next level!

Influenced and Inspired by 2 Masters
Presenter: Diane Diefenderfer, PMA®-CPT
Ron Fletcher and Romana Kryzanowska, both students of and teachers for Joe and Clara Pilates, continued the legacy of the Pilates Method throughout their lifetimes - in their own distinctive pedagogical styles. While learning the fundamentals and principles of the work from the same source, these two Masters interpreted the work to meet the needs of their students. Ron further developed the method with his focus on breath, movement precision and his unique choreography. It is most important to note that, while variations in name, sequence and tempo of exercises are evident, the commitment to excellence in honor of Joe and Clara was unequivocally shared by both teachers.

Diane’s Floor Class
Presenter: Diane Severino
Join the original Fletcher Diva for a total movement experience. Diane will lead you through her “old-school” floorwork class, designed to sculpt the body and stimulate the spirit! Diane’s workshop is based on 40 years of teaching Fletcher Pilates® with a proven track record for creating beautiful bodies!

Genealogy of Movement
Dolphin on the Chair, Ron’s Advanced Stomach Massage, the Boulder Towelwork Pattern!
Learn how to safely and effectively teach these complex patterns from the Fletcher Pilates® repertoire through the ‘genealogy of movement’. That is starting a movement piece from its roots (Fletcher Fundamentals) and tracing its evolution (through our Important Elements) to the full expression desired. Reconnect to the rich, juicy details of our work and bring this new skill to your teaching practice! For the last decade, Jacqueline has been progressing her clients with this focus and is delighted to share her experiences with you.

Fletcher Pilates® Guillotine
Presenter: Martha Ramirez, PMA®-CPT
From Leg and Footwork and Tower to Rolling in and Out, this workshop in an in-depth review of the Fletcher Pilates® Guillotine Program, as set by Ron Fletcher. Gain a deeper understanding of how to use this unique and highly beneficial Pilates apparatus for both your personal and teaching practice. The Guillotine is ideal for improving leg and hip articulation, spinal alignment and overall body organization and balance.

Roll out the Barrels!
Presenter: Michael Podwal
The focus will be on the Ladder Barrel in this workshop, with a comprehensive warm-up on the Spine Corrector. Traditionally, the Ladder Barrel would be the LAST piece of Pilates equipment in any Given work-out, followed by a fond adieu for the Day!
The Ladder Barrel is a wonderful surface to open the spine and incorporate "Abominable" work. We shall experience each series and learn how to incorporate hands-on CUING - always a MUST in guiding our clients in exploring the ups/downs, overs and unders as well as impeccable and precise mounting and dis-mounting, timing and breathing... ALL for us to explore!

Matwork on the Spine Corrector
Presenter: Nanette Crystal, PMA®-CPT
The Spine Corrector provides an accessible alternative for a targeted and supported Pilates Mat practice. Experience many of the “classic” mat exercises and syllabus in this workshop, while supporting your neck and shoulders to allow for a more fluid spinal articulation and centered movement initiation. From the 100’s and the rollover to leg circles and swan, the Spine Corrector is the place to take your matwork program to the next level.

TheraPilates® for the Lower Extremity
Presenter:Sherri Betz, PT, GCS, CEEAA, PMA®-CPT
Knee pain is one of the biggest barriers to maintaining optimal health and independence in life! If your client has knee pain during Footwork, what do you do? Pilates Mat and apparatus work is often lacking in lower extremity strengthening. Learn to help your clients hurdle the knee pain barrier by addressing hip, sacroiliac and foot relationships. Find out the best progressions for dealing with leg strengthening in the presence of a painful joint. How do you identify the difference between a structural problem and a strength problem? When should you refer to physical therapy. Let’s get your clients back on their feet again!

Fletcher Pilates® for Osteoporosis
Presenter:Sherri Betz, PT, GCS, CEEAA, PMA®-CPT
Join us for a discussion on the latest research on osteoporosis, bone building and exercise. Is Pilates good for bones? More importantly, what are the best Fletcher movements for bone health and which movements should be avoided? Let’s explore the principles of bone building and the biomechanics of Standing and Centering, Fletcher Towelwork®, Fletcher Barrework® and Matwork and discuss other Pilates apparatus work as it pertains to safe and effective exercise for building bone. Learn how to increase the intensity of exercise programs to stimulate bone within the Pilates framework!

Develop Mobility/Promote Stability
Presenter:Jonathan Oldham, PMA®-CPT
The first hour of this workshop will be in lecture format. The joint by joint mobility/stability continuum as described by Gray Cook will be introduced and discussed. Assessment tools will be provided to discriminate areas of hyper-mobility and hypo-mobility in the Pilates student through an examination of basic Pilates movements such as footwork, legwork in straps, one leg circles, side kicks, the roll down, swan, single leg kick, and swimming. The final part of this workshop will be a movement experience to develop these concepts as they relate to the Fletcher Pilates® approach.

Moving Beyond the Exercises
Presenter:Jenna Zaffino, PMA®-CPT
Understanding form and function is an important part of any movement program. But what happens next? Rather than adding more variations, props or repetitions, teachers of movement have the opportunity to deepen their clients’ experience through the use of conceptual tools that translate to an increased physical and mental challenge. This workshop will explore the use of Level, Dimension, Tempo and Shape to open up new avenues of safely challenging your clients mind/body connection.

Seeing the Body
Presenter:Karma Kientzler
What do you see? What does it tell you? Where does the movement come from? Is it muscular or skeletal? How can you tell? This workshop is designed to ‘develop your teaching eye’ and have confidence in what you see. We’ll review head and neck alignment, shoulder placement, spinal and lower extremity movement in standing, seated and supine positions – as well as in motion - walking, skipping and living!

Inspired to Move
Presenter:Multiple Teachers
Our title event, Inspired to Move class, is taught by several teachers who have extensive background in the Fletcher Pilates® Lineage. Inspired to Move will be held in the beautiful Stevie Eller Dance Theater located on the Campus of the University of Arizona. Transportation will be provided.

Pre Conference Workshops and Lectures

Introduction to Oov
Daniel Vladeta
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

The Oov is a powerful device that forms to the body to create a state of instability, to give the user feedback, enhancing an ability to achieve more efficient movement and breathing patterns.

In this practical introductory workshop, traditional Pilates exercises will be applied to the Oov. All planes of movement will be explored on the Oov, from supine, prone, side-lying and standing positions and will be integrated into a group class.

Concepts behind dynamic stability will be reviewed, as it is essential to understand and integrate the activation of myofascial slings.  Fletcher Towelwork® will also be incorporated to review upper hemisphere kinematics and function.

Finally, a Case Study will demonstrate the Oov as a powerful assessment device and, through use of load and traditional Pilates equipment, Daniel will demonstrate how to achieve rapid change in the mobility, stability and motor control of a client.

The Core Plus
Anatomy in Three Dimensions

Dallas Everleth
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

In this hands-on anatomy workshop, we will examine the muscles that make up the core. A deep understanding of the anatomy of the core enables you to create safe and effective Pilates programs for clients of all levels and abilities.

Using Balanced Body’s Anatomy+Movement™ system of specially designed models and sculpting clay, we will build the muscles of abdominal wall, pelvic floor, spine and diaphragm, as well as key muscles of the hip and shoulder. The building process teaches you the shape, attachment points, structure, and function of these muscles. As we build our models, you will discover the connections that balance the breath, support, carriage and placement of the torso, and learn how the coordination of the muscles creates ease, balance and power in the torso.

The process of creating a three dimensional model of the core builds your own internal sense of anatomy that can sometimes be hard to feel. This internal awareness deepens your understanding of your own body and helps create clarity and specificity in your teaching. Blending Anatomy, Kinesiology, Biomechanics and simple Pilates-based movements, this workshop will enhance your teaching and help you to create better results for your clients.

Z-Health Health and Fitness Neurology: An Introduction to Brain-Based Fitness and Rehabilitation
Dr. Eric Cobb
10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Health and fitness approaches around the world are evolving at a fantastic rate. In the last 20 years, we have seen a huge shift from an isolated biomechanical approach to a far more anatomically-driven integrated concept. But, the evolution continues!

If you have ever had the nagging sensation that there is MORE to human performance than simply addressing joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues then this workshop is for you. In this fast-paced 3-hour workshop we will explore the basic science, assessments and tools of the Z-Health pillars of health and fitness: the visual system, vestibular system, proprioceptive system and respiratory system.

This workshop is intended to be a practical introduction to Z-Health which offers an in-depth, research-based approach to improving all aspects of health, fitness, rehabilitation and performance via neuroscience.

Come join us to explore movement neurology and how it impacts EVERYTHING we do with our clients in a fun, practical way that will make you think differently beginning with your very next client!


Post-Conference: Sunday, May 7, 2017

freeFORM Pilates
Mylène Wiltberger Brock
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Pilates teachers and clients fall in love with the freeFORM boards as one can replicate countless Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Mat exercises for both private sessions and group classes - at a fraction of the cost and space requirements.

This workshop will introduce Pilates teachers to the many applications of the freeFORM board and provide a foundation of Pilates-based exercises from which to create many more variations. Continuous movements, flowing transitions and non-linear applications add a whole new dimension to the Pilates repertoire, demonstrated throughout this workshop.

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