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"The Fletcher Pilates Comprehensive Program has absolutely changed my life, forever. Every day has been an "aha" moment!"

— Gina

"I miss Fletcher Pilates and can't wait to take my next class - it's like an addiction!"

— Silvia

"I had been teaching Pilates for about 5 years when I came to the Fletcher work, carrying a sense of stagnation. I was quickly drawn to the very deep sense of specificity I think this work holds and became motivated to experience it more fully through the Comprehensive Program.  I have completed two certification programs in my career of 8 years, and I can declare without hesitation that the Fletcher program was more complete, more demanding, and more gratifying in lessons learned and challenges met. The experience offered me the inspiration I was craving and the direction I need  to advance my teaching and self-practice."

Susie Griffith 

"I can't even begin to express the benefits of this wonderful Towelwork! Shoulder patients that have previously been difficult to progress, re-educate, and re-align have received amazing and rapid results. Ron Fletcher's towel seems to have a magic quality that inhibits the upper trapezius, seats the humeral head in the back in the socket, and "connects" the scapula to the back. It increases scapular awareness and improves postural alignment instantly! I hope you will join us and give it a try!"

— Sherri Betz, Physical Therapist, Santa Cruz, CA

“I wanted to share a story with you that I think Ron would love to know about as well. Yesterday a woman who I did some private training with and takes my Senior Fitness Classes told me that she is now doing Needlepoint again. She had given it up 2 years ago when she had a stroke, but that with all the hand articulation exercises we have been doing she is able to do something she loves again!!! This story made my day! :)”

— Ellen Hunt, Qualified Teacher, Tucson, AZ

"The Fletcher Program of Study is a phenomenal program that truly addresses all the needs of a teacher. It develops the teacher in the pursuit of learning personally, academically and professionally. After completing the program, I experienced an amazing transformation and rejuvenation in my teaching. It brought clarity to what I had been teaching and gave me a much broader working knowledge of  Fletcher Pilates® and Pilates method. It challenged me to embrace the true responsibility of a teacher to pass this work on to students in a way that maintains the integrity in which it was created. I have not seen any other programs that offer the comprehensive quality that this program does. I would recommend this program to any serious and committed student or teacher who desires a thorough understanding of how and what it means to become a teacher.”

— Catherine Anderson, Studio 4 Pilates, LLC, Half Moon Bay, CA

"The Program of Study is demanding, challenging and thought-provoking - to say nothing of very hard work! For me, it brings movement, balance and centering back into my life - which for many years had been missing. For this I thank Mr. Fletcher and the Program of Study for presenting a well-run, exciting and professional program."

— Robin Sheldrick, Singapore

“TRFPOS has transformed me into a competent, inspired and passionate teacher and has raised the level of teaching in my studio tenfold. It has taught me to be a conscious teacher, not an unconscious trainer. It has taught me to always be thinking “what does this client need and why do they need it?” Instead of looking at a list of exercises that never vary and picking 5 of them. It has taught me to think on my feet and to always be creative, but with structure. And finally it has given me an inkling of how far this work can go and I continue to be astounded by my teachers.”

— Jennifer Hetzler, Pilates Center of Cincinnati

"My life has changed completely since I started as a Fletcher Pilates student. I very rarely have inflammation, my overall stiffness has disappeared and I'm doing things with my body that I never thought I could. Without hesitation I can say that this work has helped me be more focused, improved my posture, strengthen my center and breathe more deeply. I feel empowered and - best of all - I can now get out of bed without aches and pains. I can't imagine my life without it!"

— Stephanie DiSante, Client of the Core Center Fletcher Studio

“After 40+ years of athletics, 30+ years of top-to-bottom business experience and 7 years of studying classical Pilates with the industry elite and otherwise, I longed for work more refined in its physicality, more fully and clearly defined in its pedagogy and, in a business sense, vertically integrated for full service. I have found my home in the Fletcher Program of Study®, a technically superior, impeccably run comprehensive program that includes and enhances my classical background and is wholly dedicated to developing my unique movement and teaching potential.”

— Rebecca Leone

"I'm more passionate about my journey through the Fletcher Pilates Comprehensive Program than I am about my undergraduate college education!"

— Pauline Middleton

"I must say that I was very very impressed with Ms. Masayo. She was so professional and amazing. She went much beyond what she had to do to make sure we know everything we supposed to. Not only she went so many extra hours to teach us, but also she showed us how Mr. Fletcher would expect from us as if he was within her.

My English is not good enough to express how appreciated I was. The course was only 5 days, but if you count on all extra hours after scheduled time and lunch time discussion time, we all had 7 days training from her, if not more.

I could see that she has a pride in her job and so very kind to make sure to leave us in best form. I know that I need to improve and practice much more. I have learnt my weakness and strength in this 5 days. Because Ms. Kawana showed me , taught me and let me feel the love of movement and the love of Fletcher pilates, she gave me such a motivation to work harder."

—  Mika Childs

"Thank you Kyria and all of the Ron Fletcher people for a great Fletcher conference. The shared traditions theme worked well, and it warms my heart to see people put actions to words in terms of supporting our community."

Ken Endelman

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